What is a Hospice vs. Sponsoring a dog

This is a great opportunity to help an animal in need while they are in the kennel environment to help keep their spunk up and to give them just a little bit extra. 

Hospice dogs we take in usually one per person at a time. So 3 total. These are dogs that are old, medical conditions, temp issues.  Sponsoring a dog is a special a neat way to help share the dog to get additional training and resources to which we can hopefully find them a forever home. Please feel free to email us at adoptionsapm@gmail.com if you have questions.



Goal: $2000

Dallas was diagnosed with Lupus which is going to require ongoing care and monthly vet visits for blood work. Due to his age and his diagnosis we do not know if he will find a home. If you would like to sponsor him it would mean the world to us. 



Goal $1000

Zoey is just a senior dog who has a slim chance of finding a good fit for her. We would like to just raise money for her continued care throughout the end of her life. She is relatively healthy so food, beds, glucosamine supplements would be great to have donated for her! Anything helps. She also has senior maintenance vet checks! 

Noah in office.JPEG


Goal $2500

Noah arrived in September as a 9 Month old Hospice. He is blind and epileptic. If you have ever experienced owning an epileptic dog or pet there is constant vetting needed to balance out meds while keeping track of organ function particularly liver and kidney. We also have to continue to monitor him for break through seizures. Any amount helps as he will be with the rescue indefinitely.